SM6FHZ 24 GHz activity



Working SM7ECM (abt. 90 km) on 24 GHz from Håkull (JO66XX) in September1998 in very hard winds.
Exchanged signal reports 559.


Interior of SM6FHZ 24 GHz rig (24 192 MHz).

Upper left box is a oven controlled x-tal oscillator on 125.25 MHz.

The large box in the center is the Tx-Rx mixer and amplifiers.
Pout +21 dBm and 3 dB NF in the WG-port.

The box to the left of the mixer is the multiplier from 125 MHz to 12 GHz.

The box in the lower right corner is a power conditioner and switch control unit.

The complete rig is powered by 12 to 28 volts for both portable and tower mounted usage.

The antenna used is a 30 cm dish with 34 dBi gain.




Updated January 28, 2005.