Västkustens Mikrovågsgrupp (VMG) is a radio club that supports and stimulates the interest for microwave amateur radio.

Among the members you find Hannes, SM6PGP, and Bengt, SM6MUY, who both have interesting web sites with many good microwave projects to build and get inspiration from.

One web site I use very much myself is the Geomagnetic Activity chart from Tromsoe. By looking at this chart you can get a very good picture of the possible conds on HF up in the northern regions. If the curve is on the very low side of the chart the possibility for good HF conds on northern latitudes is much better. If the curve is up high, look for aurora and do not expect the HF conds to be good.

Solar activity is crucial for HF propagation. One good site is the one of DX Listeners Club that displays the most important solar data in an easy to grasp way.

In order to keep up with the activity on different bands I use the DX-summit web DX-cluster.

In order to keep up with all new information regarding EME on 432 MHz and up I frequently use Al Katz, K2UYH,  web site with the EME News-letter.

For getting a hint about the possibility of good tropo propagation I frequently use the Hepburn tropo forecast web site.



Being a user of a "Smart Phone", I am always in search of good links to web pages made for mobile usage. Might it be in HTML or WAP format, as my PalmOne Trêo 650 (GSM EDGE works very good!) supports both. The criteria is that the page shall have a service that is attractive and usable when you are on the move. The content shall be adopted to the limited speed and high cost per transferred bit you most of the time get in the mobile phone network, no big pictures or Mbyte class downloads. Most of the links have local connection and are in Swedish, but you also find internationally usable links here.

If you have any tips on other good mobile web sites or if any of the below links do not work, please let me know! Contact SM6FHZ



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G0DPC has a Ham Radio PDA/Mobile portal really worth looking at.  Lots of links to useful information on the go. Most of them are lean enough not to break your mobile bill budget.

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Updated September 21, 2009.