Still another beacon list! This one is interactive. It is formed by this EXCEL-file (450 kB). Latest update: March 7, 2006.

It covers 28, 50, 70, 432, 1296, 2320, 5760, 10368 and 24048 / 24192 MHz.

By inserting your own locator, the beacon list calculates the distance and bearing, to each beacon in the list, from your QTH.

@ The beacon list is under constant development and change. 

The ground data is taken from different sources and is modified and updated with the most recent information available to me.

The excel calculation sheet is stolen with pride from LA0BY (thanks Stefan) and adapted to my local preferences.

You can easily download the file and change to your own call, locator and insert your own comments or even beacons that you think should be in Your personal beacon list.

The choice of beacons to be in the list is based on the possibility to hear them at my QTH as well as the belief they are QRV. This beacon list is made and maintained for my own personal use and needs, but please feel free to use it and modify it for Your own needs.

If You have any comments, suggestions, complaints etc., please get in touch via "Contact SM6FHZ" on the main page.


Calculate the "flat band" signal strength you will get from any of the beacons in the list! 

Take the beacon performance data from the beacon list as well as the distance from your QTH to the beacon and use the calculation tools you can find at the Engineering page of this site. You can then calculate both for troposcatter as well as for aircraft scatter.

Updated March 9, 2006.